Tips for Job Searching While Employed

Job searching while currently employed can definitely be a challenge. The number one thing to focus on would be your reason for looking. That is what will keep you motivated and help you move past any roadblocks that stand in your way. Some dos and don’ts to consider during your job search are:

  • Don’t feel so bad! Loyalty is one of the best qualities an employee can have. But if it is time for you to move on from your current company you have to ditch the guilt and get going. If you have a good relationship with your employer they will understand. You have to do what is best for you.
  • Tread lightly. Don’t burn any bridges during your job search. You aren’t quite out the door yet, there is no need to become disgruntled or be rude to your co-workers. You will most likely need references. And more importantly, you never know what the future may hold and your actions may come back to haunt you.
  • Be discreet.
    • Do not post about your job search online. Updating your LinkedIn profile is a must, and making sure your other social media accounts are professional and/or private is important. But if you want to keep your search confidential, do not post anything that you wouldn’t want a colleague or manager seeing.
    • Do not tell co-workers. Even your closest work friend could accidentally slip up and say something. Or your private conversation could be overheard by someone else. It is always best to keep your search private.
    • Do not use office resources. Searching job boards at work may seem convenient, but you never know who is monitoring your activity, or who may catch a glimpse of your screen. In addition, avoid giving out your work phone number or email address; messages can get intercepted all too easily. And lastly, the office printer: off limits! Leaving your resume on the paper tray for the company to see is probably not the best idea.
  • Schedule carefully. You can only have so many dentist appointments before someone catches on. Try to schedule phone interviews during your lunch break. Ask for meetings before or after work. If you let a company know that your job search is extremely confidential they will most likely be accommodating.
  • Never speak ill of your employer – past or present. This applies to all job seekers. You never want to come off as being negative. If you badmouth your most recent employer, how will the interviewer know you aren’t going to do the same of their company when hired? Keep things positive and focus on what you want for the future, not what you are trying to get away from.

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