3 Career Myths That Could Be Holding You Back

Even after so many sources where career advice is available, people fall for career myths all the time. These myths have been going around for a long time and it might have held you back once or twice as well. It is important to understand that they are just myths and we are here to debunk them for you. Here are some myths that could be holding you back:

  • Applying to Any and All Jobs That You Could Find:

This is one of the biggest myths of all time. If you apply to all possible jobs, it is very difficult for you to get a job. This way, you would feel that you are looking for a job actively, but what you are actually doing is not even applying for one. Each and every job is different. Therefore, applying to all jobs at once is a very bad move. Focus on what your interests and expertise lie in. This can help you find the right job.

  • Social Media Is Not a Place to Find Jobs:

One of the most important aspects of a job search is networking and social media plays a very important part in that. Many people have a misconception that they cannot find job vacancies in India through this platform. Social media portals have recruiters actively looking for exceptional candidates and more often than not the person you connect with turns out to be a recruiter that can get you your dream job.

Therefore, you should have an active presence on each and every social media and network with potential recruiters to get your dream job.

  • You Don’t Need Business Cards:

This is another common myth. Having a business card allows you to connect with people during networking events. This way, they would know all information about you in a consolidated manner and know how to contact you too. If you have believed in this myth till now, you have put a lot of opportunities at stake. So, get your business card printed right away.

Don’t fall prey to these myths and make sure you succeed in finding your dream job! Breaking the misconceptions and understanding the facts is the first step towards your successful career ahead. So, it’s time you get the facts right.

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